Some people have said some very kind things about me: 

  • “MJ Simpson is the unsung Indiana Jones of the British indie horror scene. Heroically determined to track down every UK indie horror production in his quest to unearth the gems other reviewers would often never dig deep enough to discover. And like any true hero he’s happy to share the treasure with you.” Jake West (Evil Aliens, Doghouse)
  • "A breathtaking encyclopedia of the genre – MJ Simpson leaves no stone unturned. Packed with inspiration for serial killers and genre fans alike." Michael Bartlett (The Zombie Diaries, Treehouse)
  • “When it comes to archiving the fringes of cult entertainment, MJ Simpson is blessed/cursed with an obsessive constitution to rival such encyclopaedic celluloid savants as Forrest J Ackerman and Bob Monkhouse. MJ affords as much time, attention and respect to the work of the filmmaker with the ketchup bottle in their hand as he does the one clutching an Academy Award.” Dan Palmer (Freak Out, Stalled)
  • “MJ Simpson is the one reviewer that means something to independent film makers. Always fair, he critiques both the good and bad. This book is a must read for all film fans.” Stuart Brennan (The Reverend, Plan Z)
  • “Passionate, pinpoint accurate and pithy, Mike Simpson's look back at an overlooked period of British filmmaking stands like a tombstone on the battlefield of movies, some successful, most not, that would have otherwise slipped into faded obscurity.” Johannes Roberts (47 Metres Down, The Strangers: Prey at Night)
  • “I was told my film Kill Keith was ‘worse than being poked in the eye with a frozen dog turd’, but not by MJ. He knows his shit!” Andy Thompson (Kill Keith, The Scar Crow)
  • “An incredible attention to detail and an unbeatable amount of knowledge. The only people who know more about British horror movies than MJ Simpson are the people who actually made the movies, and half the time MJ's got a better memory.” Pat Higgins (KillerKiller, The Devil’s Music)
  • “MJ Simpson continues to prove he's one of the most ardent, dedicated and knowledgeable horror obsessives in the country if not the world when it comes to contemporary British Horror.” Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead, Little Deaths)
  • "A scintillating, obsessive, humorous, and frequently complimentary study of the true 'golden age' of British horror cinema. MJ jumps from major theatrical releases to unseen-even-by-the-maker's-relatives ultra-obscurities, and revels in the 21st century UK chiller conveyor belt, pointing out that the fright fare of recent times easily surpasses that of the Hammer-dominated past in quantity and actually rivals its illustrious predecessors on occasion in terms of quality. An essential read for pound shop DVD collectors, midnight moviegoers, and YouTube addicts alike." Darrell Buxton (proprietor of Pass the Marmalade)
  • “Before Colin had received any press, Mike surprised us with a delightful review that not only acknowledged the story, but the effort taken to produce our film based on his vast knowledge of film production. It is an honour to have our little movie included in his encyclopaedia,” Marc Price (Colin)
  • "MJ Simpson is the foremost expert on UK horror cinema - he knows more about my films than I do." Kevin Gates (The Zombie Diaries)
  • “MJ Simpson always takes the time to find and review undiscovered indie movie gems: making this book the best go-to horror movie bible! The fact that he's a great bloke should also encourage you to buy this weighty tome!” Robert Pratten (Mindflesh, London Voodoo)
  • "An in-depth and brilliantly written guide to some gems!" Chris Lumb (Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale)
  • “The definitive record of the modern British horror film, lovingly compiled by the subject’s leading authority.” Jonathan Sothcott (producer of Dead Cert, Stalker etc)
  • “To Google a film you have to at least know about its existence. Mike Simpson's epic and massive three-volume guide to 21st Century British horror films not only reviews all the films that you know and love or dislike and have forgotten about, but he has also uncovered and reviewed all of the films you've never heard of, let only seen! This makes these books a fabulous source of reference and for discovering long lost gems and howlers. It also includes Red Kiss, one of my films, a sex and vampire title so obscure it wasn't even released in the UK!  Proof enough that Mike Simpson knows his stuff and why no true lover of exploitation and horror cinema should be without these books.” Nigel Wingrove (Salvation Films)
  • “A modern compilation of British horror films is long overdue. The British have always been psychologically ahead of the game in this genre. Mike Simpson's book shows us how ahead we are.” Robbie Moffat (Cycle, Seven Crosses)
  • “Mike Simpson has seen them all. The good, the bad and the very bad. Spending decades of his life in the flickering shadows, watching everything from the mainstream to the marginal. He can see past the lo/no budget shopfront, into the heart of a film. Finding merit in the unpromising and looking past the rough edges that come with inexperienced film makers. Thanks for going the extra mile Mike!” Andrew Parkinson (I Zombie, Dead Creatures)
  • “Mike's earlier splendid book Urban Terrors was an absolute joy to read, with his usual frank and honest opinions, his devilish caustic wit and font of knowledge for all things horror. I cannot wait to devour his new encyclopaedic work. If you're a fan of modern British horror, there is really nothing else out there quite like it.” James Shanks (Devil’s Harvest, Stag Hunt)
  • “MJ Simpson has supported the indie scene of film in the UK for many years, helping these underground filmmakers reach a wider audience spreading the word of this niche art form.” Jason Impey (Home Made, Sick Bastard)